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Real estate is one of the most competitive industries today. As such, agents are always vying for more leads through various marketing campaigns and strategies. One of the best ways to attract more buying and selling prospects is through social media marketing. Keep reading and discover a few important points that real estate agents need to know about social media marketing in 2019.

Rely on Instagram 

Agents need to understand the significance of Instagram in the world today. It is without a doubt one of the best platforms available for sharing content. Instagram is exceptionally user-friendly and is one of the best for generating new leads. By posting pictures and short videos, realtors can showcase listings from their mobile devices in just a matter of minutes.

Don’t forget about Facebook

When most people think about social media, Facebook is one of the first things that comes to minds. While it is the oldest of the social media giants, real estate agents should not sleep on this platform. This social media platform continues to be one of the best places to share content and generate engagement. In addition to promoting property listings, real estate agents can use Facebook to post about local news and community events.

Use hashtags to increase discoverability

Hashtags have been used by users for years to promote social media posts. While many people argue that hashtags make a post look spammy, if used correctly, they can be used to increase discovery on social media. This is because the right hashtags can make it easier for some buyers and homeowners to find your business online.

Seek out testimonials

What better way to convince potential buyers and sellers online that they should work with you than providing them with written testimonials from your previous customers? Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who you have worked with and see if they would be willing to write a review for your company page. Testimonials are great because people like having some reassurance they are working with a reputable individual.

Use social media metrics to tweak strategies

Social media metrics can be used to see which social media strategies are generating results and which ones need to be modified. Metrics will show the levels of engagement across the agent's social media platforms. This insightful information will steer a user in the right direction with their future social media campaigns.

Buying a home is an exciting step towards your future! While there are many important considerations to make before purchasing a home, there are a few important things to keep in mind if you plan to purchase a foreclosure specifically. If you plan on purchasing a foreclosure in the near future, be mindful of the following red flags.

Beware Of Auctions

Many people warn against purchasing a foreclosure property in an auction setting altogether because of the number of risks involved. When you buy a foreclosure at auction, you do not have adequate time to inspect it thoroughly it for damages. With this, it can difficult to ascertain whether or not a foreclosure property is priced correctly without having a ballpark figure of how much repair costs will be in the future. Also, it is crucial to ensure there are no outstanding taxes owed on the property, as well as any other senior liens.

Understand the Right of Redemption

Have you ever heard of the term, ‘right of redemption’? If you are looking to buy a foreclosure in a state that has right of redemption, you will need to be mindful of this concept in the process. This concept means that a homeowner who has foreclosed on their property has the right to purchase back their home at the same price the buyer paid for it, plus additional interest. As a buyer, it is essential to be sure that you clearly understand the conditions. Keeping these conditions in mind will help to prevent you from wasting money as you attempt to make repairs to the property, only for the property to be taken away from a few months after you have purchased it. While the ‘right of redemption’ period varies, the maximum time frame is up to one year.

Be Pre-Qualified

The foreclosure market is competitive, and with this, properties tend to sell quicker than most people realize. To put yourself in the best possible position to close a deal, you should be pre-qualified. Sellers prefer to work with individuals who do not need to seek out loan approvals.

We live in a digital age where convenience and accessibility are the standards of new devices, new software, and technological advancements. For that reason, many homebuyers today are interested in homes that feature smart technology, from smart thermostats to LED lights. Keep reading and discover a few of the most popular home technologies preferred by homeowners in 2019.


Fluorescent and incandescent lightbulbs, as well as dated fixtures, are becoming a thing of the past. Now, many homebuyers appreciate homes that feature LED lighting throughout the house. Not only do LED lights last longer than traditional lighting options, but they are also energy efficient and cost significantly less to operate. In addition to LED lights, many homebuyers are looking for smart lighting systems that can easily be controlled from a mobile device.


Similar to the new lighting systems, people are now looking to control the interior temperature of their home with an app on their mobile phone or tablet. With a ‘smart’ HVAC system, homeowners can save money on their heating and cooling bills with full control their home temperature from remote locations throughout the day. For example, rather than remembering to lower the temperature of the heat as you are leaving the house for work, a smart HVAC system would enable you to turn off your heat from your desk at work, as well as turn the heat back on before you return for the evening. This ability to control the temperature can have a significant impact on helping to save you money on energy costs throughout the year.

Security Systems

Home security surveillance is an effective way to combat criminal activity by protecting physical property. As a result, smart entry systems have significantly grown in popularity throughout the early months of 2019. With this, we can even expect more security devices to be unveiled later this year. These systems typically include doorbells with cameras that allow the homeowner to see who is on their property from their smartphone, even when they are not at home. Also, these smart security devices and applications can warn homeowners of potential hazards or intrusions, such as a door or window left open.

Are you in the market for a new home? Whether you are looking to purchase a home for yourself or searching for an investment opportunity, you have a multitude of options available for you! A quick internet search will allow you to filter properties that meet your desired price range, location, home size, etc. When most people are searching for their dream home online, it usually doesn't even cross their mind to consider the foreclosures listings in the area. Since there are several benefits of doing so, we have prepared a list of a few reasons why you should always check the “foreclosure” box before you click the search button. Keep reading and discover a few benefits of purchasing a foreclosure in 2019!

Better Price

One of the most appealing advantages of purchasing a foreclosed home is that you can get the most bang for your buck. If you are concerned about breaking the bank, a foreclosure may be an excellent route for you. In almost all cases, foreclosed homes are priced below market value. This is because the banks are trying to get these properties off their books as soon as possible. As a result, they are generally set at a low price to generate more offers. If you study the market in the home’s area, you should be able to determine whether or not a foreclosure listing is a good deal.

Investment Opportunity

Foreclosed homes are often seen as investment opportunities. This is because they are generally sold for low and then flipped for a profit later on. Real estate investors love being able to buy low and sell high!

Lower Mortgage Payments

Many people today are scared about having a high mortgage payment due every month. However, did you know that by purchasing a home that is below your budget will provide you with lower mortgage payments? For many home buyers, this is the only reason they need to invest in a foreclosure!

If you're looking to save money on purchasing a house, foreclosures are a great way to go. However, even if you find the property for free (which you can do on USHUD.com) there are still very costly mistakes that most people make when buying a foreclosure.

REO listings are nothing more than foreclosure that are using a less known acronym.

REO stands for "Real Estate Owned" and is the term that the mortgage holder uses to identify homes that they have foreclosed on and they are holding in their inventory.

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